Recent Sermons

Beautiful God SERIES Beautiful God

Psalm 27:4
Kevin Huggins

Essentials For Effective Followership SERIES Essentials For Effective Followership

John 10
Jason Fevig

Remember And Replicate SERIES Remember And Replicate

Hebrews 13:7
Kevin Huggins

Faithful Followers SERIES Faithful Followers

1 Thessalonians 5:12-13a
Kevin Huggins


Stand Alone Messages

Various messages preached apart from a larger series

The High Priestly Prayer

The High Priestly Prayer



Life According To The King

The Sermon on the Mount

From Being To Making

From Being To Making

Start Here

Start Here

Strong Church

Building high integrity ministry that lasts

Insecure Christians

Insecure Christians

Acts: More than a Movement

Where it all began and where we go from here - a study of the church from the book of Acts

The One True Voice

What it means for us that God has spoken to us through his Word

When Jesus Prays

What the Savior prays when He's praying for you - the bigger picture from John 17

Come to Jesus

Grasping the gospel and the greatest invitation of all time

A Morning of Hope

The story of hope for all mankind. Why Jesus's arrival matters.

Courageous Faith

Trusting God and hope for the future from the book of Daniel

This is Harvest

Four Foundational Commitments for the Church

The Most Important Words Ever

Knowing and living God's Word according to Psalm 119

This Is What We Do

A Study of what's essential about how we live from the book of Ephesians

this is who we are

A study of identity from the book of Ephesians

Who Jesus Really Is

A glimpse of the Savior from the gospel of Mark


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