WOrship at Harvest

At Harvest, our worship is expressed by what we say, sing and the way we live.
We do not believe that singing praise to God in a church service is, in and of itself, worship. However, we do believe that singing praise to God is a command to all (PSALM 66:1-2) and is a powerful way to respond to our God and King.

Our Worship Ministry includes singing and playing instruments—and the message that our music and songs communicate is of utmost importance. Whether our music is loud or soft, fast or slow, new or old, with a full band or without matters little in comparison to the message of the song.

It is important that our songs accurately reflect Scripture, and we hope to express the triune nature of our God as we respond to the gospel of His Son. Worship is the term we use to cover all the acts of the heart and mind and body that express the infinite worth of God. In our worship services we sing songs, bring tithes, hear and obey God’s Word, and reorient our lives based on His infinite worth.

The worship ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel exists to help our people experience the sufficiency and express the supremacy of Christ in all things. We have a vertically minded worship philosophy knowing the importance of horizontal and vertical worship to our King. 

We are actively seeking people to join us in leading God's people in authentic worship.  We are currently in the process of building a team of musicians and production engineers. If you are interested in being a part of our worship team, feel free to fill out our application here and or contact us at worship@harvesttampabay.org


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